Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery


Dr. Ward’s goal is to help his patients maintain beautiful and functional teeth that last a lifetime. Although not always the only option, sometimes it is necessary for your dental health to remove a tooth. Dr. Ward realizes that this is a difficult procedure for his patients, which is why he does everything possible to ensure your comfort. After discussing all possible options, the patient can be given nitrous oxide and a local anesthetic to ensure the extraction will be painless. After the procedure the patient will receive post-op instructions and the appropriate medications to ensure the fastest, least complicated recovery as possible. Dr. Ward is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergengies.

Wisdom Teeth

Patients in their late teenage years often need to have their wisdom teeth removed. This prevents further tooth crowding, damage to adjacent teeth and jaw cysts and abcesses. All patients by the age of 17 should have a panoramic x-ray to determine the location and diagnosis of their wisdom teeth. Call Dr. Ward’s office to have your x-ray taken and your wisdom teeth evaluated before problems occur.