General Procedures

Dr. Ward treats patients of all ages. All phases of dentistry are completed at his office. This is beneficial to patients and their busy lives. Whether you need cosmetic, restorative, surgical, or orthodontic treatment, Dr. Ward can help you achieve your ultimate smile.

On a daily basis, Dr. Ward performs general procedures such as your oral examination and review of digital x-rays after the hygienist cleans your teeth. At that time further treatment may be discussed such as the need for a filling, crown, or tooth extraction.

Patients, new and existing, may call with an emergency and are given same day appointments. Often times they may have a broken tooth and need bonding, a filling, or a crown. A common emergency call is a patient who may have an abcess. Dr. Ward can treat this problem by performing a root canal or an extraction. Which ever treatment that is best for the patient is first discussed and then completed at his office making the process more convenient for you, the patient.