Tooth-Colored (White) Fillings

Tooth-ColoredFillingsIf a cavity is detected during your visit to Dr. Ward’s office, or an old silver filling has cracked, the tooth can be restored with a durable and esthetic filling material. Tooth repair can make the difference between saving and losing a damaged tooth in one visit to Dr. Ward’s office.

Composite, or white, fillings offer several advantages as compared to metal or amalgam fillings in both adults and children. First and most important is composites contain no mercury. This is important to the overall health of our patients. Secondly, the fillings match the color of the natural teeth making the restoration much more esthetically pleasing. Finally, the composite material bonds to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structure. This helps prevent further breakage and insulates the tooth from excessive temperature changes.

Patients also enjoy the fact that tooth-colored fillings look natural and undetectable. No more mouth full of metal!